National Geographic "Your Shot"

A sabanero (local cowboy) dances on top of his horse in the parade of riders during the start of Fiestas Civicas de Cobano, Costa Rica. For the parade, sabaneros saddle their cherished and best horses to ride from the community hall in Cobano center to the fairgrounds.


National Geographic "Your Shot"

Woke up to National Geographic picking my photo for their daily dozen! Very cool!

I actually shot this while on my honeymoon last February. Big thanks to my beautiful wife D'Andra for letting me go to the rodeo for a couple of days!

I actually almost got nailed by a bull while I was shooting too! I got right back up and kept shooting! D'Andra was not happy and I was sore for a couple of days when the adrenalin ran out.

Can you find me?

And no, I didn't get a great shot!

Here is another shot from that series.


A sabanero (local cowboy) rides his horse with his girlfriend. The two week Fiestas Cívicas de Cobano take place each year around the middle of February and consists of traditional food and music, proud horse riders and rodeo's with bull riding.