I Hope you will join us when I team up with the amazing artist Steve Tate, as Art Meets Photography Tate-Lock Exhibition on September 28, 2017 at 6pm.

I will be showcasing my “Burners Essence” project with never before seen work!


Burning Man is a weeklong event held once a year in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, that experiments in community, art, radical self-expression and self-reliance. All are welcome. A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the experience.

The focus and intent of my Burning Man series titled, “Burners Essence” is to capture a sense of theater and play, and collectively explore the vivid lives each of us possesses within. Now, finally after six years in the making, I am ready to release the series.

I first started what turned into this project in 2009, at my first “burn”. I was trying to document the whole thing. I had no intentions other than my love of visual storytelling. One particular day, I was shooting at Center Camp, and found myself completely overwhelmed! I remember putting my camera down in my lap and thinking to myself, “I don’t belong here”. I hopped on my bike and headed back to my camp.

As I rode to camp feeling defeated, I looked at all the beautiful people I was passing by. And then it hit me; Burning Man is about all the beautiful people; beautiful in spirit and essence. Burning Man is about unlocking their freedom of expression. It’s about them! When I got back to camp I took out an old red sheet we were going to use as part of our shower, I hung it up and started inviting these beautiful people in to be photographed. I found my gift to give and my belonging at Burning Man!

Since 2009, I have returned to Burning Man in 2011, 2013 and 2014. I have given the same gift of a portrait session to other “burners” each year. When I invite them in to be photographed, I don’t really give them any direction, all I say is, “I want you to express yourself in your best Burning Man fashion”. What I get to experience and photograph are magical moments capturing their “essence” and freedom of expression during one of the best times in their lives. What they get is my gift that will last a lifetime, a fond memory of their time at such a magical place where they feel included and are able to express themselves without being judged.

When I started this project, I was a U.S. Military Combat Photojournalist in the Air Force (I actually retired September 1, 2013, while at Burning Man). I love visual storytelling. I thrive on “working” stories, diving into each experience and living for a moment in a world outside of my norm. With the military I captured the essence of the world’s peoples, tragedies, celebrations, and everyday realities. The reason why I wanted to capture these images at Burning Man is because it was rejuvenating for me to “PLAY”, and lose myself after the seriousness of war. This was a place to be creative, and a time for me to set aside photojournalism, and the structure of the military. This is the place I discovered the artist inside me.

New Website Is Up and Running!

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a studio session with one of the Real Housewives of Dallas! It helps that she is my wife!!! Oh yea, and What better way to launch a new and fresh website! Still working out a few tweaks here and there, but I hope you will take a few minutes and have a look around.

Photography: Jeremy Lock
Hair: Liz Contreras
Makeup: Leticia Garcia

The Rumors Are True!

The rumors are true! This real housewife of Highland Park is a Real Housewife of Dallas! #RHOD #August14th #ComingSoon

Proud of you my sweet love!!! Hold on tight and let the fun begin! Love you!

Photography: Jeremy Lock
Hair: Liz Contreras
Makeup: Leticia Garcia
Outfit: Tootsies

Guess Who Is Back?

I am soooo happy and honored to be back!!!! Any guesses as to what this will involve???? Stay tuned, its coming up fast!!!

First Place In The Rangefinder Magazine “The Portrait” Competition

I received some great news late last week and have been contemplating on releasing it yet or not. The portraits from my Ghana trip earlier this year took 1st place in the Rangefinder magazine “The Portrait” competition. I guess a teaser look is ok! We are very close to finishing up and are getting ready to start pitching/releasing the project. Fingers crossed that we will find a good home for this amazing story!

View more images from the series

Prison Fellowship

Another little project I have been working on: Prison Fellowship is the largest Christian nonprofit out reach to prisoners, former prisoners, and their families. Founded in 1976, this program brings restoration to those affected by crime and incarceration in all 50 states by facilitating prisoners’ transformation, supporting prisoners’ families and returning citizens, and advocating for a criminal justice system that reflects the God-given dignity and potential of each life.


I love a good road trip! Unfortunately my wife D’Andra Simmons can’t stand sitting in a car for a long time. (Her expression on her face in the first photo says it all) Thank you honey for an amazing and fun trip to SC to see our son graduate! I couldn’t think of a better road-tripping partner than you!!! Koen Lock, again we are so proud of you!!!

Behind The Scenes of 2017 Cancer Blows: The Legends Return

Behind The Scenes of 2017 Cancer Blows: The Legends Return.
Once again, my wife D’Andra Simmons and I had the pleasure as Event Chairs working with the amazing charity Cancer Blows. And again, it was an honor to photograph the legends!!! Here is a look behind the scenes of me doing what I LOVE! Big thanks to Gary & Jesse O’Riley with Go Man Productions for the piece. Here are a couple teasers of the portraits.

Huffington Post

So awesome to see my story picked up by the Huffington Post!!! Huge thank you to the ever so talented and fun to work with writer Taylor Ashley on your help with this project! And thanks ViewFind for pushing out our stories further!!!

Patron Magazine

Always nice to get my issues of Patron magazine, however, it is especially nice to open the April/May issue and see my name twice!!!! Once for advertising my exhibition JM Gallery and the other for working on a fun project with them for an article on Cancer Blows! I threw in some extras that didn’t make the cut.

JM Gallery Presents: Jeremy Lock, Part 2

Do you know what is even better than seeing your artwork on display at the amazing JM Gallery Presents: Jeremy Lock? It is seeing the room filled with BEAUTIFUL people you call FAMILY! I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support for my packed opening reception, it truly means the world to me!!! And thank you to those of you who I got to spend a little time with and share my stories behind the photos. To the love of my life, D’Andra Simmons, thank you for your understanding, love, and support when I am working late on projects or out of country pursuing my passion. Your unconditional love is what powers me! Again thank you all for your support!!! If you were unable to make it and would like to stop by and see, let me know and if I am available I would love to meet you there. Finally I would like to thank those of you who purchased some of my work! About 10 years ago, I became a collector and I bought my first piece of photographic art. I bought this piece to remind me that someday I would like to see my work hanging in someone’s house or office to enjoy and collect. It because of you guys my dreams are coming true! A sincere big thank you to you!

JM Gallery Presents: Jeremy Lock

So excited and a little nervous (in a good way) for my gallery reception tonight at JM Gallery!!! If your in the area, please stop in and say hello while checking out the awesome work! The prints look beautiful! The show will run until April 15th. Hope to see you tonight!


On a recent family vacation with my mother-in-law and wife, we were fortunate enough to cruise the beautiful Mediterranean. We started out in Venice and ended up in Barcelona, hitting numerous ports along the way. I was playing the family tourist photographer role, documenting our trip every day. As a photojournalist, I yearned for something more to document as a small project or as I call it, “play”. The problem was, we only had a few hours in each port.

It was on our second stop in Italy, traveling through Florence and Sorrento, that I started to notice the huge number of scooters zipping in and out of traffic, the different styles of clothing and helmets, and the full range of ages that were riding. “This is my fun little project”, I decided. It was a project that I could capture in-between and while we were sight seeing, and it was a project I could “work” from a street corner, while the ladies were shopping…and they shopped a lot!

It was so much fun trying to capture the scooters and their riders, especially their facial expressions as they were, zipping by.
The images in my little essay were captured in Sorrento and Rome, Italy.

Some fun facts I researched according to Wanderinginitalia:

– Italians are not allowed to get their drivers license until they are 18 years old. However, they are permitted to drive motor-scooters at the age of 14. Therefore, teenagers are raised on two wheels before they earn their right of passage.

-It is more convenient to have a small motor-bike that can weave in and out of the cars and find parking in small spaces.

– Besides traffic conditions, cities like Milan require a hefty price for using your car in the city center due to the high congestion and air quality problems.

– It is simply soooo much fun to ride a scooter around the city, zipping by monuments and feeling the air rush against you! I love watching people of every age hop onto their motorini! From teenagers: dressed in the latest fashion, with their high top shoes and conformist brands, styled hair-dos under helmets, flying to their next encounter—to the working class: women flipping their hair and pressing the gas with high heels, men with flying suit tails flapping in the breeze weaving through morning traffic, picking up their children after school and securing them in the bike—to the older people: still hanging in with the high blood-pressure traffic maneuvers and ready as every to make absurd high-flying gestures at the crazy driving comportment of the fellow motorists–that absurd driving etiquette which is innately Italian.

Next Generation Action Network Holds Rally In Downtown Dallas

Tonight in downtown Dallas, Texas, the Next Generation Action Network held a peaceful march against police brutality. This was the same organization that held the July 7th protest in Dallas that turned deadly when a gunman fired on police killing five. The organization and its supporters gathered at the Main Street Garden Park where speeches were made before they set off on their route, arms locked, heading down Main Street to Lamar and back up Commerce Street. As the protesters marched, bystanders stopped what they were doing to take pictures and look out their windows at the 100 + procession marching through the streets of downtown shouting their message. Only one lone individual followed and heckled them from the other side of the street holding a couple, “Vote Trump” signs. As the march made its way down to Lamar Street they stopped and prayed. At this time, the Dallas Police Department showed up in force with rifles, helmets and riot shields asking everyone to stay out of the street. There were small verbal altercations, mostly the protestors yelling at police. This lasted for about 30 minutes before they were back on their way playing catch up to the front half of the march. The march ended right where it started from at Main Street Garden Park. A couple of final speeches were given as well as some thanks and everyone went on their way.

Donald Trump Rally In Dallas

I had a lot of fun in the 96-degree heat today while covering the presumptive Republican nominee for president Donald Trump’s visit to Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas. I chose to listen and hang outside, documenting the protestors and supporters. As a photojournalist, I try to leave my opinions and beliefs at home and document the truth that unfolds in front of my camera. However after I left this rally, I felt sad and a little bit angry with BOTH sides. I was sad at the real hate that I saw towards fellow Americans and angry at the hypocritical gestures and shouting of words at one another that contradicted the signs they were holding. On a positive note, this is why America is so great and this is why so many people want to live in our country! Being an American means we are allowed to express ourselves in a public forum like this without any repercussions.


This years DIFFA gala didn’t go as planned for me! I reached out to them earlier in the year asking to donate my time/photography to them for their amazing cause. I wanted to work on a cool portrait project I came up with. Much like I did for Cancer Blows, but so much better! I didn’t want any cost to come out of my pocket like it has for other projects so I asked them for a small budget to build the set. Unfortunately they said no.

So, since my wife and recently I have been great supporters of DIFFA over the years and we were going to the event, like we have in the past, I decided to bring my camera and shoot from my dinner table seat. I had a blast and came away with some pretty cool shots that the other photographers working the event didn’t get.

I am looking forward at reaching out to them again next year for the same cool project. My fingers are crossed that I can bring my project to life to help such a great cause!

DIFFA: Circo Rouge (mission statement and who we are from their website) http://www.diffadallas.org

This year’s gala and fashion show was titled, Circo Rouge.

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA/Dallas) raises funds for organizations that aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS by providing preventative education programs, treatment and direct care services for people living with/impacted by HIV/AIDS.

DIFFA/Dallas has granted more than $7 million to over 25 front line HIV/AIDS Service Organizations in North Texas providing direct care to those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Highlighting the design community, DIFFA/Dallas hosts multiple events throughout the season including Burgers & Burgundy, DIFFA/Dallas Wreath Collection and House of DIFFA. Through the support and generosity, they are able to make a significant impact in our community.

Namibia Aerial Project: Old Scars & Shape Shifters

Wow, to say my wife D’Andra and I have been having a blast in Namibia would seriously be an understatement! Namibia is my portion (10 days) of our African trip that has also taken us to Zimbabwe and South Africa. In Namibia we have been traveling the back roads, exploring and camping with our amazing new friend and now family member Jaco van der Westhuizen. If you want a great Namibian experience, you need to see him!!! https://africandays.com
For my portion of our journey I wanted to really get off the grid and explore. I also wanted to rent a plane and get some aerial work done. I miss my aerial days of the military!!! I rented a plane from one of Jaco’s buddies (named Jaco as well) for three days of in air shooting, exploring the old scars and shape shifting land of Namibia. The plane was a Jabiru J430 and is a model of plane in a large family of two- and four-seat Australian light aircraft. The J430 is constructed from composite materials and has a wingspan of 31.3 feet. The engine is a 120 hp six-cylinder four-stroke aircraft engine. We flew in the four-seat. D’Andra was sitting shotgun with our pilot Jaco and I was sitting behind him in the back. Now the coolest thing Jaco did for me was take off the rear door so I could hang out the plane and work. The Namib Desert literally took my breath away as we first flew in. It was enormous and had this rough and raw beauty to it! The three days D’Andra and I spent flying around this country was magical and our highlight of our whole trip. I was super stoked to have shared it with her!!!! Thanks sweetie!

FB live With The National Geographic Your Shot Community

Such an honor to do my first FB live with the National Geographic community!!! There is still plenty of time to submit to the assignment I am curating “Military Life”. Please check it out on the amazing Nat Geo Your Shot page. Good luck!!!

Okahandja Dump Kids, Namibia, Africa

On our last day in Namibia, our guide Jaco asked if I could spend a couple hours documenting a story for a charity he is involved with. The charity is called Chosen Generation. They are a Christian based organization that helps a group of children that live in a dump in his town. I was super excited to help out! We spent about 3.5 hours with these amazing kids and got a glimpse into their lives!

Scavenging to find a handful of crumbs to fill their bellies or a little drop of a leftover beverage in a bottle to quench their thirst, the children of the Okahandja dump site try to survive the only way they know how… by foraging daily for anything they can sell or eat. The dump is home to over 40 underprivileged or homeless children ranging in the age of 2-17 years old, and is located about 60 miles north of Windhoek, Namibia. They call the dump home after having been chased away from the town’s streets for begging. This place is safe for them. It is a place to play and put their heads down to sleep at night. There are few children here with parents. If they have parents the parents are not educated. It makes it difficult for them to find jobs to support or care for themselves or their kids. Some of these parents also call the dump home. As the daily trucks come into dump their trash, the kids run and rip through bags searching for food, bottles to recycle or anything of value to make their life a little easier for the moment.

Cincinnati Reds Home Opener: The Findley Market Parade

You know spring has officially begun in Ohio when downtown Cincinnati turns Red. Fans from all over come to celebrate not only the opening day game but also to be a part of the historic Findley Market Parade. This parade is grass roots Cincinnati and just as important to these fans as the game itself. In Cincinnati, Ohio, home of the sport’s first professional team, the annual Findlay Market Parade marks an official “city holiday” with young and old alike taking the day off to cheer on the Reds. 2015 marked the parades 96th year. Fans were there in the Queen City to show support in their own unique way for the only MLB team that opens at home every year!

This was my second year working for Johnny Bench Enterprises covering the Reds Home Opener. I love the spirit and the kindness of the Cincinnati people! Now, I might be a little bias having grown up an hour away in Dayton, Ohio. I still remember my parents taking us kids to a few games, sitting in the outfield hoping to catch that home run ball with our gloves!
The Cincinnati Reds beat the Pittsburg Pirates 5-2.

Cancer Blows

Almost two years ago, Dallas Symphony Orchestra principal trumpet, Ryan Anthony, had just completed a guest appearance with his old group, Canadian Brass, and wasn’t feeling well. After the concert, Ryan told his wife, Niki, that he felt like his entire body was “jangling” as he ran off-stage. The Monday after the Canadian Brass concert, Ryan & Niki got the call that no one anticipates or is prepared for – especially with two young children in elementary school – Ryan had been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a terminal cancer of the bone marrow that most often appears in patients 70 years of age and older.

During his transplant, Ryan was overwhelmed with phone calls from trumpet players all over the world. Everyone asked what they could do to help, and Ryan jokingly started saying “we’ll all play a concert when I am healthy again and we’ll call it ‘Cancer Blows’ “. My wife D’Andra and I Chaired “Cancer Blows” in Dallas on March 4, 2015. The event benefitted the Baylor Sammons Cancer Center and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. It sold out and was a huge success! Over twenty Principal Trumpets from Symphonies around the country joined Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval and Lee Loughnane. Since my wife D’Andra was doing the heavy lifting as the fundraiser, I wanted to find a way that I could personally give back to Ryan and his cause. I decided this would be a great time to pull out my brand new Profoto B1’s and set up a small studio at the Meyerson Symphony Center to photograph these amazing artists that are giving of their time and talent to such a great cause. The weekend before the event I enlisted my friend David Carpenter to help me build the backdrop wall for the set in my garage. I also had numerous friends help me transport the wall to and from our house to the Meyerson. This was the hardest part! Once we were all ready to shoot, I invited each artist in for a quick photo session after dress rehearsals. I owe a big thanks to my good friend Bennie Davis for talking me off my ledge and grounding me with simplicity in the lighting.

It was such an honor and so much fun to be a part of something impactful that was used to raise awareness and money to further the research for multiple myeloma and to help give Ryan’s family and other families a hope for a future.

View Cancer Blows Shoot

Seven-Time Military Photojournalist Of The Year, Jeremy T. Lock Brings “Twenty-One” to One Arts Plaza

DALLAS (February 9, 2015) — Award winning photojournalist and seven-time Military Photojournalist of the Year, Jeremy T. Lock, opens his first public photography exhibit in the lobby of One Arts Plaza in Dallas’ Arts District on February 10, 2015. Exhibit features thought-provoking images capturing the tragedies, celebrations and everyday realities of our world

The photographic series Twenty-One is a showcase of Lock’s favorite twenty-one thought- provoking images that encapsulate his twenty-one years of service as a combat photographer. Lock embeds himself into the tragedies, celebrations, and everyday realities of the world around him. The twenty-one images selected are powerful, and implore viewers to live and feel those moments just as Lock did when they were captured.

“My photographic journey is rooted in my ability to capture the essence and reality of humanity at its finest and at its worst,” says Lock. “I’ve captured everything from the hunt for Osama bin Laden, to the playful nature of our young military who are defending our freedom, and the plight of humans in search of food after the Haiti earthquake disaster.”

Lock is not only an accomplished military veteran receiving the Bronze Star Medal for distinguished service in Iraq, his experience as a seasoned photojournalist have led to his work being published in magazines, newspapers and books including National Geographic, Time, New York Times, The Washington Post among others. His work has also earned multiple awards from prestigious organizations including World Press Photo, National Press Photographers Association and Oasis.

The exhibit, on display until Sunday, March 22, captures every step that Lock has taken, camera in hand, steadily and skillfully documenting what we might not otherwise ever see. “There is more to the world than what is outside your front door,” says Lock. Twenty-One opens the minds of viewers and reminds those that see each piece of the importance of sharing our experiences.

For visitors to the Arts District, One Arts Plaza offers free garage parking after 5 p.m. with restaurant validation on weekdays and all day on weekends. Surface parking is also available for $5 or valet parking is available for $5 with restaurant validation.

One Arts Plaza – 1722 Routh Street, Suite 1313|Dallas, Texas 75201 | www.oneartsplaza.com
As a place to call home, it redefines modern elegance. As a place to conduct business, it redefines state- of-the-art. One Arts Plaza is a $125 million multi-use structure, the first of three buildings on over 10 acres at the eastern edge of the Dallas Arts District. Future plans for Two Arts and Three Arts include outdoor parks with wi-fi, fountains and cafes. Arts Plaza provides an urban oasis to enhance the lives of everyone that lives, works and visits the Arts District. One Arts Plaza’s prominent location at the eastern end of Flora Street makes it the focal point of the entire Arts District. The Plaza, adorned with dynamic fountains, is alive with vibrant restaurants including the award-winning Tei-An, Jorge’s Tex-Mex, Proof + Pantry and YOLK, live music and outdoor entertainment, making it a true destination. For more information please visit www.oneartsplaza.com.


February 9, 2015
Hamilton A Sneed, Marketing & Events Liaison Phone: (214) 454-5683
Email: h@hasevents.com

National Geographic “Your Shot”

Woke up to National Geographic picking my photo for their daily dozen! Very cool! I actually shot this while on my honeymoon last February. Big thanks to my beautiful wife D’Andra for letting me go to the rodeo for a couple of days! A bull actually almost nailed me while I was shooting too! I got right back up and kept shooting! D’Andra was not happy and I was sore for a couple of days when the adrenalin ran out.

And no, I didn’t get a great shot of the bull!

Snowball Express

Snowball Express serves the children who will never be reunited with their mom or dad.
I thought I saw the most amazing support for our military with my last job, “Salute to the Troops”, and then Snowball Express came along and totally blew me away! I witnessed whole communities coming out to donate their time, show their love, support and appreciation for families who have lost a loved one.
Snowball Express remembers those fallen heroes who will never return, and honors the supreme sacrifice their families have made. Since 2006, the mission of Snowball Express has been a simple, yet profoundly important one: Provide hope and new happy memories to the children of military fallen heroes who have died while on active duty since 9/11. Snowball Express brings children together from all over the world to the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, area for a four-day experience filled with fun activities and to hang out with other children going through the same experience.

Dallas Race Discrimination Protest

After watching the news about the demonstrations happening around our country over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, I felt frustrated not being in the midst of all the action to document this important story in our nation’s history. I heard that there was going to be a demonstration here in Dallas. So, I thought I would brush off the cobwebs, and get back out on the streets, to see what I could capture of this historical event. I was glad I did!
Not only did it get my adrenaline pumping again, and the creative photojournalism juices flowing, but, I ran into a great fellow photographer of mine and Eddie Adams workshop friend Christena Dowsett.

Salute To The Troops And Cirque du Soleil®

While shooting the “Salute to the Troops” Las Vegas weekend, Cirque du Soleil®, invited the “Wounded Warriors” to the show Zarkana™ at the ARIA Resort & Casino.

“Salute To The Troops”, Honors All Those Who Have Sacrificed For Our Nation’s Freedoms

In my 21+ years as an Air Force photojournalist in the U.S. Military, I have never witnessed more amazing support and love towards our wounded veterans than by the people of Las Vegas!
I just finished up a great weekend trip working with the Airpower Foundation from Nov 7th through Nov 11th of 2014. American Airlines Veterans Initiatives, MGM Resorts International, the USO, and the Airpower Foundation hosted 80 wounded veterans and their significant others to a four day Veteran’s Day weekend celebration in Las Vegas. This was an all-expenses paid trip for the 5th Annual “Salute to the Troops”. American Airlines donated a chartered aircraft, which was flown by an all-volunteer flight crew of pilots and flight attendants, to pick up the wounded warriors and their guests from Ft. Belvoir and Bethesda / Walter Reed Medical Center, and flew them to Las Vegas, where MGM Resorts International rolled out the red carpet for the veteran’s arrival at the Mirage Hotel; a place they would call home for the next 4 days.

Nascent, Chapter 1

I just finished installing my first art pieces for the 2014 Art vs. Architect exhibit and show. So many awesome artists!!! I was blessed to be paired with the amazing architect, Joshua Nimmo. It was fun working with him and getting to know his point of view! Also, I want to give a big thanks to my brother-in-law Jason Ohlson. He helped us put our thoughts into words!!!

This is a collaborative piece between photographer Jeremy Lock and architect Joshua Nimmo. It is intended to be the first part of a photographic series that tells the story of a perceived lost culture of young explorers. Was there a generation of youth allowed to explore and reimagine the world around them? Or, is this just a nostalgic perception of times past? Is there an innate human instinct being squelched by the realities of trending urbanism? Will there be a future consequence if the ability to explore at an early age is lost? In Chapter 1, Lock and Nimmo start examination of these questions with Nimmo’s son Gabriel playing the part of young adventurer. These photos intentionally contrast the beauty that lies in the experience of exploration with the reality that dangers may be hidden somewhere in the darkness. As part of a continuing story, our protagonist discovers an archaic toy, known as a View-Master, which is expected to be a key icon in future chapters of this story.

Eddie Adams Workshop Portraits

The Eddie Adams Workshop (EAW) is an intense four-day gathering of the top photography professionals, along with 100 carefully selected students. The photography workshop is tuition free, and the 100 students are chosen based on the merit of their portfolios.
I was so blessed to attend the Eddie Adams Workshop as a student in 2002 after meeting Mr. Eddie Adams earlier that year in Afghanistan. If you are serious about photography you NEED to attend this workshop!

This is how my meeting with Eddie all went down:
I received a phone call from a mentor of mine asking me to meet and assist Mr. Eddie Adams on an assignment he was covering. He was coming to Afghanistan to put a face on the American soldier. We had a great couple days of shooting. I was taking meter readings and holding reflectors, he was killing it, and I was watching/learning from his every move!

On the last night, I asked him about his workshop and if he would mind looking over the portfolio I was submitting. This is what he replied, “Kid, I don’t look at that shit, that’s why I have people, they look at it! Send it in. Good luck!” I did make the cut to the workshop! This experience has changed my life and continues to do so. I have been fortunate enough to be asked back a couple times as part of the faculty as a member of the “Black Team”. My last two times back at the workshop; I was asked to be the workshop photographer. I can’t begin to tell you how nervous one becomes when faced with photographing the industry leaders, my idols!

This year I decided to set up a small studio using the Profoto B1 Off-camera flash in a barn silo and invite the faculty in for a portrait session. In every milestone you achieve in life, there are people you surround yourself with to help you attain your success. I definitely could not have made my vision happen without the assistance of one of my best friends and Air Force photojournalists, Bennie Davis. And, we could not have achieved this without the great teachings from Profoto’s own Cliff Hausner.
Thanks guys!!!

1. Charlie Mostoller, Freelance – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Thomas Achtemichuk – Software Engineer, Boston, Massachusetts. Alyssa Adams – EAW Director, New York. Erika Larsen – Photographer, New York. Tim Rasmussen – AME of Photography, The Denver Post, Colorado. Alice Keeney – Alice Keeney Photography, Charleston, South Carolina.

2. Lucas Jackson – Reuters Photographer, New York. Barbara Davidson – Photographer, The Los Angeles Times, California. Scott Allen – U.S. Navy Retired/Director, Media Relations U.S., Illinois. Rodrigo Abd, Photographer – Associated Press, Lima, Peru. Smita Sharma – Freelance Photojournalist, NewYork. John White – Visual Servant, Chicago, Illinois.

3. Majat Naba – Photographer, New York. James Nachtwey – Photographer, New York. Eugene Richards and wife Janine – Photographer, New York. Nick Ut – Associated Press, Los Angeles, California. Jean Heary, Gregory Heisler – Photographer, New York.

Here is what some of participants and volunteers have to say about the Workshop:
“There are no other days in the year where a free flow of ideas, mutual encouragement from all participants for the purpose of making meaningful images, in an atmosphere of phenomenal energy, exists in the world of photography quite like that which occurs at The Eddie Adams Workshop each Fall.”
– Howard Schatz

“The EAW was one of those rare defining moments that shaped my career as a photographer forever.”
– Alana Goldstein, XXII

“No sleep, no time, no room for failure. The Workshop separates out the photographers who have what it takes to succeed.”
– David Griffin, Visuals Editor, Washington Post

“It was a place to make lifelong friendships and connections. An incredible experience that goes beyond the ‘photo’ in journalism, and a must for any inspiring photographer.”
– Afton Almaraz, XXI

“The Eddie Adams workshop is an incredibly enlightening experience, the amount of raw talent that surrounds you is amazing.”
– Colin Crawford, Deputy Managing Editor, Visuals, Los Angeles Times

For more information on the Eddie Adams Workshop: