January 20, 2018 Dallas Impeach Trump Rally

This weekend we had three rally’s (Woman’s March, Pro-Life, and Impeach Trump) here in Dallas.  I chose to go out and cover the Impeach Trump Solidarity Rally & March For North Texas. The weather here finally warmed up and maybe around 100 people gathered at Dallas City Hall to call for Trump’s impeachment.

2017 Snowball Express

It warms my heart to be a part of Snowball Express once again! Here is some of my favorite moments from this year’s event with these amazing children. And, yes there were many times this year that I had to wipe away tears in my eyes while I was shooting.

Snowball Express is one of the few charities dedicated to the children of our nation’s fallen military heroes changing lives, giving hope, creating wonderful memories, and inspiring these children to realize that anything they dream of doing is possible to accomplish.

Kolkata 24

I just returned back home from a truly epic 37-day trip to the northeastern part of India with a fellow retired Army photographer friend of mine, Russell Klika. You can find him on Instagram at: rklika

Trip Overview:
We started our India trip out from the city of Kolkata and headed north into Arunachal Pradesh and visited the city of Tawang and Ziro. Next we went to Guwahati in Assam for transportation to Nagaland. Lastly we started to make our way home back to Kolkata but not before stopping at Majuli Island for some relaxation. Stay tuned for upcoming stories I worked on in these areas!

After a physically demanding trip in the remote regions of northeastern India we finally made it back to Kolkata where we had a few days to burn before our flight home. Jokingly, Russell said, “We should go out and photograph Kolkata for 24 hrs.” And “Kolkata 24” was born! I then laid down the rules. I said, “This is awesome, and you must produce an image every hour to share on a social media platform, so at the end you HAVE to show 24 images.” The game was born, but little did we know how demanding it would be. A local friend and photographer Raj Maeyukh Dam decided to join in with us and help us around the city. Our little adventure took us to such places as the Chicken Hotel Market, Old Kolkata, numerous Ghats, a railway colony, Chinatown, nightclubs, the train station, flower market and running the streets in the late hours with the dogs. (Next time you see me, ask me about the craziest thing I have ever seen with dogs, it blew my mind!)
During our game, we had some great hours where we would stumble upon something cool and shooting would be great. But on the other hand you had the hours were we would be in transit from one part of the city to another or in a place where nothing was really going on and shooting was hard. It didn’t matter the situation, you have to have an image to represent that hour. Which now brings me to my next point. Editing of the final 24 images to produce a well-rounded representation of the city was another challenge. On the good hours you had to cut some of your best images of the day and on the not so good hours you might be posting a fish picture from dinner in Chinatown.
“Kolkata 24” was a blast and a great way to test our skills! I hope you enjoy the way I saw this vibrant and energetic city in 24hrs.
I would love to hear your comments!

“Kolkata 24” Timeline
5-6 am: Hogg Market: Chicken Hotel Market
6-7 am: Walking Central Kolkata
7-8 am: Walking Shakespeare Sarani (area)
8-9 am: Metro to Kalighat
9-10 am: Kalighat market & Viewed Mother Teresa hospital. (No photos allowed)
10-11 am: Coffee at Raj’s uncle & ride to our hotel to refresh cards and batteries
12-1 pm: Our hotel and the Taltala Market area
1-2 pm: Heading to Old Kolkata through traffic and Central Kolkata
2-3 pm: Old Kolkata Ghat and the railway colony
3-4 pm: Old Kolkata
4-5 pm: Old Kolkata Nimtala Park (affection)
5-6 pm: Bara Bazar
6-7 pm: Drive to Chinatown, Topsin and dinner at Lee Garden
7-8 pm: China Town, Topsin
8-9 pm: China Town Topsin and to a fair (stuck in traffic)
9-10 pm: Fair and walk to our hotel to refresh cards and batteries
10-11 pm: Our hotel then head to Sudder street by walking
11-12 am: Sudder street & Park street
12-1 am: Park street
1-2 am: Park street (Roxy Club) & Sudder street
2-3 am: Howrah Train station area
3-4 am: Howrah Train station & Malik Ghat Flower Market
4-5 am: Malik Ghat Flower Market

National Geographic Magazine, The French Version

Feeling so blessed to come home after such a long trip and find in the mail a beautiful surprise! My photo ran in such an amazing magazine, the French version!!!!

See sweetie, it wasn’t all fun and games on our honeymoon! 😉

Kurdistan, Iraq Color Fest

On my recent trip to Kurdistan, Iraq with the amazing Mercury One we had a little down time to take in the first ever festival of colors in Sami Abdulrahman Park, Erbil, hosted by the Nishtiman Youth Network (NYN)

Color Fest was happening the day after we arrived in Iraq. This was the first large gathering of Kurdish young people (aged 13 to 30 and some “young at hearts” like us) celebrating ethnical, religious, and cultural diversity in the region. This festival took place a couple days before their Independence referendum vote.

Every Kurdish youth must have been there. It was a celebration of freedom and independence! With techno music blaring from the stage, they threw color powder in the air and at one another while a helicopter dropped rose petals from the sky. It was not too long ago that that ISIS controlled this region. It was incredible to experience and be part of this jubilation and celebration of normalcy and unity for all those that have weathered through turmoil and crisis.

According to Wikipedia, On 25 September 2017 Kurdistan held their referendum vote with preliminary results showing approximately 93 percent, cast in favor of Kurdistan independence. The referendum’s legality was rejected by the federal government of Iraq.



I Hope you will join us when I team up with the amazing artist Steve Tate, as Art Meets Photography Tate-Lock Exhibition on September 28, 2017 at 6pm.

I will be showcasing my “Burners Essence” project with never before seen work!


Burning Man is a weeklong event held once a year in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, that experiments in community, art, radical self-expression and self-reliance. All are welcome. A unique and distinctive culture emerges from the experience.

The focus and intent of my Burning Man series titled, “Burners Essence” is to capture a sense of theater and play, and collectively explore the vivid lives each of us possesses within. Now, finally after six years in the making, I am ready to release the series.

I first started what turned into this project in 2009, at my first “burn”. I was trying to document the whole thing. I had no intentions other than my love of visual storytelling. One particular day, I was shooting at Center Camp, and found myself completely overwhelmed! I remember putting my camera down in my lap and thinking to myself, “I don’t belong here”. I hopped on my bike and headed back to my camp.

As I rode to camp feeling defeated, I looked at all the beautiful people I was passing by. And then it hit me; Burning Man is about all the beautiful people; beautiful in spirit and essence. Burning Man is about unlocking their freedom of expression. It’s about them! When I got back to camp I took out an old red sheet we were going to use as part of our shower, I hung it up and started inviting these beautiful people in to be photographed. I found my gift to give and my belonging at Burning Man!

Since 2009, I have returned to Burning Man in 2011, 2013 and 2014. I have given the same gift of a portrait session to other “burners” each year. When I invite them in to be photographed, I don’t really give them any direction, all I say is, “I want you to express yourself in your best Burning Man fashion”. What I get to experience and photograph are magical moments capturing their “essence” and freedom of expression during one of the best times in their lives. What they get is my gift that will last a lifetime, a fond memory of their time at such a magical place where they feel included and are able to express themselves without being judged.

When I started this project, I was a U.S. Military Combat Photojournalist in the Air Force (I actually retired September 1, 2013, while at Burning Man). I love visual storytelling. I thrive on “working” stories, diving into each experience and living for a moment in a world outside of my norm. With the military I captured the essence of the world’s peoples, tragedies, celebrations, and everyday realities. The reason why I wanted to capture these images at Burning Man is because it was rejuvenating for me to “PLAY”, and lose myself after the seriousness of war. This was a place to be creative, and a time for me to set aside photojournalism, and the structure of the military. This is the place I discovered the artist inside me.

New Website Is Up and Running!

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a studio session with one of the Real Housewives of Dallas! It helps that she is my wife!!! Oh yea, and What better way to launch a new and fresh website! Still working out a few tweaks here and there, but I hope you will take a few minutes and have a look around.

Photography: Jeremy Lock
Hair: Liz Contreras
Makeup: Leticia Garcia

Guess Who Is Back?

I am soooo happy and honored to be back!!!! Any guesses as to what this will involve???? Stay tuned, its coming up fast!!!

The Rumors Are True!

The rumors are true! This real housewife of Highland Park is a Real Housewife of Dallas! #RHOD #August14th #ComingSoon

Proud of you my sweet love!!! Hold on tight and let the fun begin! Love you!

Photography: Jeremy Lock
Hair: Liz Contreras
Makeup: Leticia Garcia
Outfit: Tootsies

First Place In The Rangefinder Magazine “The Portrait” Competition

I received some great news late last week and have been contemplating on releasing it yet or not. The portraits from my Ghana trip earlier this year took 1st place in the Rangefinder magazine “The Portrait” competition. I guess a teaser look is ok! We are very close to finishing up and are getting ready to start pitching/releasing the project. Fingers crossed that we will find a good home for this amazing story!

View more images from the series

Prison Fellowship

Another little project I have been working on: Prison Fellowship is the largest Christian nonprofit out reach to prisoners, former prisoners, and their families. Founded in 1976, this program brings restoration to those affected by crime and incarceration in all 50 states by facilitating prisoners’ transformation, supporting prisoners’ families and returning citizens, and advocating for a criminal justice system that reflects the God-given dignity and potential of each life.