This past weekend a buddy of mine said,  “Why don’t you come out and enjoy some beers and watch a race in the Historic Downtown of McKinney, Texas”? I was intrigued, I mean he had me at the beers, but what was this race he was speaking of? I looked it up and it turns out that it’s a bicycle race called, Bike The Bricks. This multiple bike race (11 races) puts these cyclist on a timed (20-70 min) multiple lap 1 mile L-shaped track through a beautiful neighborhood and McKinney’s Downtown. Spectators are inches from the action as some riders reach speed of 40mph.

I called my friend back and told him I am in and will see you down there!

I have never photographed a bike race before and a couple of free beers in-between had me stoked!

This is my take on the 2018 Bike The Bricks!!!