This years DIFFA gala didn’t go as planned for me! I reached out to them earlier in the year asking to donate my time/photography to them for their amazing cause. I wanted to work on a cool portrait project I came up with. Much like I did for Cancer Blows, but so much better! I didn’t want any cost to come out of my pocket like it has for other projects so I asked them for a small budget to build the set. Unfortunately they said no.

So, since my wife and recently I have been great supporters of DIFFA over the years and we were going to the event, like we have in the past, I decided to bring my camera and shoot from my dinner table seat. I had a blast and came away with some pretty cool shots that the other photographers working the event didn’t get.

I am looking forward at reaching out to them again next year for the same cool project. My fingers are crossed that I can bring my project to life to help such a great cause!

DIFFA: Circo Rouge (mission statement and who we are from their website)

This year’s gala and fashion show was titled, Circo Rouge.

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA/Dallas) raises funds for organizations that aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS by providing preventative education programs, treatment and direct care services for people living with/impacted by HIV/AIDS.

DIFFA/Dallas has granted more than $7 million to over 25 front line HIV/AIDS Service Organizations in North Texas providing direct care to those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Highlighting the design community, DIFFA/Dallas hosts multiple events throughout the season including Burgers & Burgundy, DIFFA/Dallas Wreath Collection and House of DIFFA. Through the support and generosity, they are able to make a significant impact in our community.